Liferay DXP Key Features

Developer Tools

Get the support you need for building, managing and maintaining Liferay DXP.

Developer Tools

Developer Studio

An all-in-one, integrated development environment for building apps and modules. Developer Studio makes it easy to use project creation wizards to create modular projects based on Maven, Gradle and bndtools.

Liferay Connected Services

Liferay Connected Services is a cloud-based management solution so users can easily manage and install fix packs across several servers and clusters, detect performance issues and monitor events.

Liferay Marketplace

Developers can sell, share and download themes, integration plugins and entire applications built on Liferay DXP in Liferay Marketplace.

Liferay Workspace

Liferay Workspace is a highly structured environment for modular development. Import Workspace projects into any IDE with built-in Maven or Gradle support, eliminating the need to use only Eclipse for development.

Blade CLI

Liferay development projects can be completely controlled from the command-line using Blade CLI. Blade CLI performs development tasks such as creating new projects, installing Liferay Servers and more.

Frameworks Support

Support for popular JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Vue.js, React and modern JavaScript workflows are included out of the box. Java frameworks such as JSF, SpringMVC, Vaadin are supported.

Upgrade Tool

A revamped Upgrade Tool simplifies the upgrade process from previous versions of Liferay. The standalone tool lets system administrators restart failed upgrades, reducing the time spent troubleshooting.


Lexicon is a design language created to provide a common framework for building interfaces within the Liferay product ecosystem. Lexicon is a guide to provide a satisfactory and unified experience to its users.

Modern UI

Liferay DXP supports third-party UI frameworks including Metal.js, Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery, ReactJS, AngularJS, Senna.js, Clay, Vaadin and more.