Liferay DXP Key Features

Digital Asset Management and EFSS

Efficiently organize and share enterprise assets on one central system.

Digital Asset Management and EFSS

Enterprise DAM

Manage documents, video, audio, images and other media types in a unified repository. Allow groups to store, tag, lock and search for assets, use them on site pages or download them for use offline.

Enterprise File Sync and Sharing

Liferay DXP comes with Liferay Sync for real-time document synchronization on desktop and mobile environments. Liferay DXP also has WebDAV functionality so users can access shared assets through browsers.

Google Drive Plugin

Let users create shortcuts to Google Drive files in their Documents and Media repositories so that they can be managed within a Liferay DXP site.


Integrate back office systems in order to surface assets to customers or add social and other metadata. Mount and browse Sharepoint, Documentum, Alfresco and other CMIS-compliant repositories within Liferay DXP.

Document Types and Metadata Sets

Administrators can create their own custom metadata sets and document types in language familiar to users (e.g., author, reporting period, product name).

Preview Generation

Automatically generate a full document preview within the DAM interface.


Search for documents, video, audio, images and other media types based off of file names, tags, metadata and the file's text content.


Liferay DXP provides automatic versioning for documents and increments them as you make changes, allowing you to rollback and view the version history.

Media Selector

Easily upload or select files with the built-in media selector. This feature is also highly extensible so that new sources of media (e.g., Google, Flickr, YouTube) can be added to any application.