Liferay DXP Key Features

Forms, Workflow and Business Process Automation

Streamline common processes and gather information from your users.

Forms and Workflow


Create forms for everything from business process automation to replacing complex paper applications. Validate data entered, apply conditional rules, prepopulate fields, authenticate users and more.

Form Rules

Predefined form rules include required fields, autofill selects, show and hide, jump to a page, calculations, conditional success pages, and an API to create and execute new customized rules for your form needs.

Personalization with Form Rules

Create personalized forms with conditional rules, which allow users to introduce dynamic behavior in forms and personalize the questions or fields to show/require based on user responses.

Forms Structure

A drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for business users to structure and design their form fields on a page. Standalone forms can have unique URLs independent of site navigation.

Field Library

Liferay DXP comes with a library of form fields so that users can easily begin building the forms they need.

Fields and Properties

Field types include file upload, numeric, password and grid fields. Save form field sets for easy reuse in creating new forms. New customized field types can be create with a provided API.


Users can define validation logic for a specific form field by creating custom messages for form validation errors, which can help improve the completion rate of your forms.

Dynamic Data Lists

A Dynamic Data List is an alternative way to build forms in Liferay DXP. Users can create custom lists of information that can be published as workflow-enabled forms.


Define any number of simple to complex business processes or workflows, leveraging users, groups and roles established in Liferay DXP. Workflows are created with a graphical workflow designer.

User-Driven Workflow and Approval

In addition to organization-wide workflows, users can create workflows based on their own requirements. For example, administrators can require approval for new document uploads.

Entries Management

End users can receive email notifications for new form entries and export entries into a XLS format. Entries have workflow integration provided so they can also go through a workflow process after submission.

Data Provider Integration

Integrate external web services using a Data Provider to apply to fields and benefit from live data. You can prepopulate fields with data from external services, and import and export Data Provider definitions.

Multilanguage Support

Add localizations for Forms to achieve better global support, including situations where fields in the same language require different formats between countries (e.g., address and date formats).