Liferay DXP Key Features

Mobile Experience Platform

Deliver mobile ready experiences on one development platform.

Mobile Experience Platform

Flexible Mobile Strategy

Go mobile with responsive designs, hybrid apps, fully native apps or any combination of these. Liferay DXP supports the strategy that fits your company best.

Responsive Design

Sites created on Liferay DXP are mobile responsive out of the box. Liferay DXP’s CSS framework is designed to work with browsers on all platforms and page previews are offered for every screen size.

Adaptive Media

Liferay DXP dynamically adjusts images to best fit the screen size of each device. It also offers deep control over how images are loaded, addressing performance issues across varying network speeds.

Mobile Device Rules

Liferay DXP includes a framework for defining platform behavior based on device type with a built-in set of definitions for most mobile device platforms and an optional device detection database for purchase.

Mobile SDK

The Mobile SDK is a framework for building native apps that integrate with Liferay DXP applications, speeding up the delivery of native iOS, Android or Windows apps for mobile and connected devices.

Mobile Components Library

Rapidly develop native apps with a collection of fully native mobile components, using Liferay DXP as a mobile back-end.

Push Notifications

Developers can send push notifications from Liferay DXP to native Android and iOS apps or cross-platform apps with Xamarin.

Native and Hybrid App Development with Liferay Screens

Developers can use Apache Cordova or Xamarin to build cross-platform applications from one codebase. Render mobile sites and applications designed for PC in native apps with no additional code.

Mobile Sync App

The Liferay Sync mobile app allows users to share files across devices with most of the desktop client's capabilities. Control which files you want to download in order to save storage space.