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Liferay DXP 7.1 CMS Overview

Website management today is a highly collaborative process, often pulling in stakeholders from multiple roles, such as developers, designers, site administrators and marketers. To address these needs, it is crucial that web platforms provide broad, robust applications that an employee in any role can quickly learn to use. Additionally, development teams should be empowered to open up and customize their platforms, giving them the freedom to create true competitive advantages unique to their business.

Liferay DXP is a scalable, extensible platform that provides out-of-the-box tools to help teams create and maintain website content and experiences. In this overview, learn how Liferay DXP empowers your stakeholders to ensure brand consistency at every digital touchpoint for even the most complex site, enabling your company to:

  • Offer developers unmatched flexibility to configure, customize and extend the platform for your company’s business goals.
  • Enable marketers, designers and site administrators to easily manage the day-to-day work of running successful corporate and marketing websites.
  • Ramp up new projects or teams in less time with intuitive, business user friendly interfaces that make onboarding and training easy.
  • Manage hundreds of sites, with supporting capabilities such as content sharing, multitenancy, localization and multilanguage support.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Liferay Commerce and Liferay Analytics Cloud, enabling the management of content and experiences across the entire customer journey.