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Based on geolocalization and CPF registration (Natural Persons Register), the tool provides its users with a customized way of accessing information. It is the city government’s way of being in constant communication with its citizens. In the near future, the platform will be able to present its users - through e-mail or text messages - with information regarding their topics of interest.
Fernando Ivo Pimentel
Assessor do IplanRio

IPLANRIO is the company responsible for providing Rio de Janeiro’s municipal services - such as municipalities, government-owned corporations and foundations - with services in the areas of Information Technology and Communication. It is responsible for meeting the needs of over 6 million citizens.


Rio de Janeiro’s municipal government was searching for a way of modernizing its admistrative system and improving the way its public services were presented to its inhabitants. Among the project’s imperative needs were those of increasing the communication with its final users and improving the management of open information. IPLANRIO also had the mission of building a platform to better interact with its target audience, presenting the practicality of the tools found in an internet banking system, as a way of providing citizens with highly efficient public services.


The “Carioca Digital” was created: a platform for interacting with citizens from the city of Rio de Janeiro. Vertigo Technology, an official Liferay partner, developed the project from its conception. Some of its activities included the implementation of a high-availability cluster; setting up, updating and creating new features; providing support, performance management and tunning, aimed at maximizing network efficiency and security; and providing consultancy services related to interface design. Concerning the design pattern, the project was based on a service-orienteded architecture, and culminated in the creation of the RUC (Citizen Unified Registry), which employs an enterprise service bus, taking data from many different repositories.

Therefore, it consists of an unified access platform. The “Carioca Digital” provides the citizens with an integrated way of checking their SUS medical records, verifying their fines, taxes, cultural activities, invoices from the Nota Fiscal Carioca system, and contacting the government through the Central de Atendimento ao Cidadão 1746 system. Through the portal, a public participation management model is established, with the citizens taking part in polls regarding which citizen service channels should be incorporated to the system next.

The Government values being close to its target audience, as is defined by the concept of audience engagement. As a result, the number of monthly accesses to Municipal Government data, as well as its users’ satisfaction towards the service, has seen a significant increase.

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