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[With Liferay] there was a large increase in efficiency and in the creation of pages and addition of features.
Kátia Knychala
Analista Judiciária e de Sistemas, TST

The Superior Labor Court (TST) is headquartered in Brasilia-DF with jurisdiction throughout the nation's territories. The TST's primary function is to standardize the Brazilian labor law.


In 2011, TST decided that it required a portal that allowed migration to a more modern platform. The former portal lacked in informational and visual identification, while duplicate pages and defective information architecture caused functional and strategic problems. Missing and unnecessary information created complications in content management as well as migration.

The TST portal was largely controlled in HTML, causing difficulties in updating and managing content. The lack of an internal process to manage web tools further aggravated the problem. The decentralization of management complicated the overall process. Katia Knychala, the Judiciary and System Analyst of the TST, explained that it was also unknown who was managing each content.


Investigation revealed several failures in the portal's content management. After identifying the content system integrator and Liferay partner, Sea Tecnologia, rated it with regard to the degree of relevance. Sea also guided the information hierarchy and provided priority to delivery in respect to significance. These steps resulted in clear identification and removal of any unnecessary, duplicated pages. An information architecture was then developed based on the overlooked format, and conceptual and emotional maps were drawn to create the first wireframes.

After, an interface with Liferay was generated. Liferay greatly simplified content management problems as well as the content recovery and editing processes of TST. New navigation tools were implemented to improve the organization of information, and content manager identification was made possible to ensure timely deliveries. The interface with Liferay simplified content management on both the intranet and Internet, increasing efficiency and effectiveness in TST's workflow. Not only did Liferay resolve TST's problems in content management and information organization, but it allows TST to easily create customizable pages such as blogs and RSS.

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